Rauceby Hospital

Welcome to the Rauceby Hospital.8m.com

Welcome to the Rauceby Hospital.8m.com
This page is designed to give information on the now disused 1902 asylum complex

Whats on this site?
This site is only small and very limited with design but includes history, picures, and other information about the disused asylum

Why make this site?
After a friend, who had lived near the hospital all his life, first made me awhere of the building,I was drawn to it's creepy buildings, dark suroundings and history

Kesteven County Asylum
Built in 1902 as the Kesteven County Asylum, rauceby hospital served the area for almost a century before being closed down as a mental care facility in 1998

This site is only temporary until i have the time to finish the proper one!!

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